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Dance Research Journal JSTOR View Details
Dance Research: The Journal of the Society for Dance Research JSTOR View Details
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Springer View Details
Data Technologies and Applications prev. Program emerald View Details
Decision Analysis informs View Details
Décisions Marketing JSTOR View Details
Demography Springer View Details
Demography Population Association of America View Details
Desarrollo Económico JSTOR View Details
Design Issues JSTOR View Details
Design Quarterly JSTOR View Details
Designs, Codes and Cryptography Springer View Details
Development & Change Wiley View Details
Development and Learning in Organizations emerald View Details
Development, Growth & Differentiation Wiley View Details
Dialogue JSTOR View Details
Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies University of Toronto Press View Details
Die Musikforschung JSTOR View Details
Differential Geometry and its Applications Elsevier View Details
Digital Library Perspectives emerald View Details
Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance emerald View Details
Digital signal processing Elsevier View Details
Director's Report (Harvard University Art Museums) JSTOR View Details
Disaster Prevention and Management emerald View Details
Discrete & Computational Geometry Springer View Details
Discrete Applied Mathematics (CS with Discrete Math) Elsevier View Details
Discrete Mathematics (CS) Elsevier View Details
Dissent University of Pennsylvania Press View Details
Diversity and Distributions JSTOR View Details
Doklady Mathematics Springer View Details
Dumbarton Oaks Papers JSTOR View Details
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Feb 8 2019
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Jun 12 2018
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